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At Vehement Knives, we understand that not everyone is a "Knife person". However, it's our duty to share with the public that the knife is the most important tool that mankind has produced. From our primitive roots, we've used edged tools to perform every function from preparing food, building shelters, to even shaping the wheel. In short; With a knife, life is possible.

From office managers who need to open an important parcel, to troops who rely on an indestructible knife to get them out of worst case scenarios-Vehement Knives believes that every individual deserves the best tool to trust their life to. Extensive research and development coupled with premium materials and processes ensure that our customers will be the best equipped for whatever the day may throw at them. We're so confident in our products that Vehement Knives offers an unconditional lifetime warranty against the integrity of our products. Simply put, if you break it, we'll replace it.


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A review of Vehement Knives and gear in service....

"The knife is beautiful!
Amazing craftsmanship. You guys do really fantastic work.
I'll keep that knife forever!
Thank you very much."

"EOD/UXO Dig Knife in use in an undisclosed location in Afghanistan"

"AA >
Custom The knife is awesome!!! It will work great! I love how stout it is. I won't have to worry about hurting this knife. The blade contour is perfect! The handle is absolutely awesome! Way grippy! I know I won't have to worry about being able to get a good grip on it while I'm gutting & skinning an animal. I am super excited to use it! The knife is spot on and I can't rave enough about it!! The attention to detail you gave this knife is amazing! I am 110% happy with this knife and really appreciate the craftsmanship and all the effort you put into it"

Just got my edc in the mail and I gotta say what a great knife, great size great feel and well worth the wait, this knife will not leave my side. Thank you so much for the amazing craftsman ship and your patience with all my emails."

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